Humi Granules

This is a unique formulation based on natural Humic Acid derived from mineral lignite used for better and healthy rooting system in all crops and plants.

Active Ingredients:  Humic Acid

Mode of action

Humi Granules contains Humic acid which increases humus in the soil that helps in healthy rooting, vegetative growth of the plant. It also helps to increase microorganism in the soil that result into improved white roots of the plant. It increase nutrient uptake, resulting into production of necessary enzymes, hormones, amino acids and cytokinines.


  1. Increases Humas in the soil.
  2. Improves Rooting System.
  3. Increases growth micro biome of the soil.
  4. Leads plants to healthy growth and higher yields.


All Vegetables, Pomegranate, Grapes, Horticultural & Floricultural Crops, Cereals, Pulses and Medicinal Plants etc.


Recommended along with sowing, plantation, transplantation. Apply near root zone in case of Horticultural trees/ plants.

Dosage: 20 to 30 Kg per Hectare while sowing to transplantation.

Packing Size: 5 Kg bag, 10 kg bag, 10 kg bucket, 20 kg bucket and 25 kg bag etc.


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