Plant Growth Regulator

It used to increase female flowers, improves crop yields, and makes plant healthier.

Active Ingredient: Alpha Napthyl Acetic Acid 4.5%

Mode of Action

Fruitoset is a plant growth regulator used for the inducing flowering, prevents shedding of flowers, buds and unripen fruits. It helps in enlarging fruit size, improving buds and fruit quality, and increasing yield of fruits. Fruitoset when sprayed on plants prevents the formation of abscission layer by suppressing ethylene gas produced and hence thereby prevents the natural shedding of square and bolls in cotton, flowers in vegetables, fruits like mango. Fruitoset helps to increase the flower formation, fruit set, seed set and rate of maturity which result in higher yield.


  1. Prevents natural shedding of squares, bolls in cotton,
  2. Better fruit setting and reduce flower & fruit drop
  3. Increases berry size in grapes and reduces pre-harvest berry drop
  4. Better fruit growth and development


Grapes, pineapple, cotton, chilly, tomato, mango etc.

Application Chart

Crops First Spray Second Spray Third Spray
Grapes First spray at pruning time Second Spray when flowering shoot appears To control berry drop: spray on matured grape bunches 10-15 days before harvesting
Pineapple To induce flowering and uniform growth To increase fruit size To delay maturity spray to whole fruit 2 weeks before harvest
Mango First Spray when tender fruits are of pea size Second Spray when fruits are of marble size To control mango malformation before fruit bud differentiation (approx. 3 months before flowering)


To prevent shedding of flowers squares and bolls (3 sprays at 15 days interval from square formation stage). After 15 Days of first spray After 15 Days of second spray
Tomato At the time of flowering 2 spray. After 15-20 days of first spray
Chilly First Spray – during flowering Second spray after 20-30 days After 20-30 days of first spray

Dosage: For spray use 0.30 ml per litre of water.

Packing Size: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre., 5 litre

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