Ferrofert is the Micronutrient product chelated with EDTA containing Ferrous 12% used to overcome the deficiency of the Iron in the plants.

Importance of Iron in Plant Growth

Iron is involved in the production of chlorophyll, and iron chlorosis is easily recognized on iron-sensitive crops growing on calcareous soils. Iron also is a component of many enzymes associated with energy transfer, nitrogen reduction and fixation, and lignin formation. Iron is associated with sulfur in plants to form compounds that catalyze other reactions.

Deficiency symptoms of Iron

  • Iron deficiencies are mainly manifested by yellow leaves due to low levels of chlorophyll.
  • Leaf yellowing first appears on the younger upper leaves in interveinal tissues.
  • Severe iron deficiencies cause leaves to turn completely yellow or almost white, and then brown as leaves die.


  • FERROFERT stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops as iron activates several enzymes.
  • FERROFERT increases chlorophyll content of healthy green leaves. It also prevents chlorosis and spiraling of leaves.
  • FERROFERT increases the productive tillers in wheat and paddy. It induces resistance to pests and diseases.
  • FERROFERT boosts growth rate, dry matter accumulation and increases yields.
  • FERROFERT can be safely used to prevent and correct iron deficiency in all crops.


Foliar application – Use 0.5 – 1 gm per litre of water depending upon severity of deficiency.

For Drip – Use 1 to 2 kg per Hectare.

Recommended Crops

Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Horticultural crops, Floricultural crops, Spices, Medicinal plants, Cotton, Sugarcane, etc.

Packing Size: 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg

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