Silica- fert  is natural plant supplement useful for better growth of crop..


  • Silica –fert Powder-Silicon compound 80%, Proteins10%.
  • Silica- fert Liquid- Silicon compound 70%.

Importance of silicon for Plants-

  • It reduce susceptibility of some plants to fungal diseases.
  • Silicon has the potential to be used in production of floriculture crops to increase flower and Stem size, accelerate flowering and improve resistance to stress including drought.

Deficiency symptoms in plants-

  • Leaves become soft and droopy thus increasing mutual shading.
  • Reduces Photosynthetic activity.
  • Lower/reduced grain yield.
  • Increased occurrence of diseases and pest infestation.
  • Serve silicon deficiency reduces the number of panicles and the number of filled spikelets Per panicle in the paddy.

Benefits of silica- fert Powder & Liquid-

  • It increases rate of nutrient uptake and resistance to disease and pest resistance attack.
  • It reduces stress occur due to adverse climatic conditions.
  • It increases photosynthesis activity.
  • New sprouts grow healthy, increases yield & keeping quality.

Dosage- For spray

  • Silica –fert Powder- 1-2 gm silica-Fert  per lit. of water.
  • Silica- fert Liquid-  1-2 ml silica-Fert  per lit. of water.
    For Drip irrigation-
  • Silica –fert Powder- 2-4kg Silica –Fert per hectare.
  • Silica- fert Liquid- 2-4 litre Silica- Fert  per hectare.

Recommended Crops-

  • Silica –fert Powder- Cereals, Pulses, Sugarcane, Paddy, Vegetables, Floricultural, and Horticultural crops.
  • Silica- fert Liquid-  Sugarcane, Cereals, Pulses, Paddy, Vegetables, Floricultural And Horticultural crops.

Available Packings-

  • Silica –fert Powder-100gm Packets, 250gm Packets, 500gm Packets, 1kg Bucket, 2kg Bucket.
  • Silica- fert Liquid- 100 ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1liter, 5liter,10litre.

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