Silicon Based ,PH Balancer, Spreader, Penetrator, Activator

Neutraspread is a very effective & unique, silicon based, PH balancer, Spreader, Penetrator, Activator and TDS Reducer.


  1. PH Balancer – Now a days, one of the most important problem that farmers are facing is water used at the time of spraying is alkaline in nature. That means it has pH range 7 to 9 and that’s why the farmer does not obtain satisfactory results. Hence farmers use more agrochemicals, thus increasing their cost. For better efficacy of spray solution water should have pH between 6 to 7.  Neutraspread act as ‘pH balancer’ so by using Neutraspread the pH is being adjusted of alkaline water up to 6-7 (neutral), useful for ideal growth.
  2. TDS Reducer – Neutraspread is also used as TDS reducer. Farmer use water for spraying from wells, borewells, lake, river or all other water sources having high TDS content. Neutraspread reduces Water hardness and TDS, hence farmer can save the unwanted expenses on insecticide and pesticides.
  3. Spreader – Neutraspread has super spreading activity. Neutraspread is made from non-ionic wetting agent, hence after spraying the solution it rapidly spreads on leaf surface. It reduces surface tension between leaf surface and neutraspread, hence spreading is achieved uniformly and quickly over the leaf.
  4. Penetrator – Neutraspread acts as penetrator. Neutraspread is silicon containing product that’s why after spraying, solution spreads uniformly & quickly penetrate in the leaf’s cell wall therefore making spray solution more available and effective.
  5. Activator – Due to quick penetration & spreading within cells & tissues, applied spray efficacy is accelerated for better results.
  6. Silicon Base – Neutraspread is a silicon-based product. Silicon helps to increase immune system in crops, hence it develops resistance against pest and diseases and helps in developing stress resistance.
  7. Neutraspread reduces overall expenditure on agrochemicals.

Dosage: Check the PH of water and use 0.5 ml to 1ml Neutraspread per litre of solution.

How to use Neutraspread

  1. First check the pH of water with the help of pH strip. If pH is 7 to 8 then add 0.5ml of Neutraspread per liter of water. If water PH is 8 or greater then add 1ml Neutraspread per liter of Water. Then add other agrochemicals which are to be sprayed.
  2. Neutraspread is used for all types of crops.
  3. Neutraspread is compatible with all type of insecticide and pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant Growth promoter etc.
  4. Neutraspread can be used in all seasons.

Recommended Crops

All crops, Horticultural crops, Floricultural crops, Pulses etc.

Packing Size: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre

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