Nematosan is a completely natural product based on Seaweed extracts. Which increase plant health and improves soil condition.

Active ingredients: Seaweed Extract

Mode of Action 

Nematosan contains Seaweed Extract as active ingredient, and it helps in soil conditioning and increases micro-biome of the soil. Seaweed extract helps to enhances seed germination and improves crop performance. It is also useful for suppression of soil born diseases and nematodes. resulting in growth of plant and quality of agri produce.


  1. 100% natural product.
  2. No side effects. No residues
  3. Improve plant immunity and resistance against Nematodes.
  4. Can be used right up to harvesting as no residues are found on agri produce.
  5. Compatible with all other chemical Fungicides, PGRs, Insecticides.


Banana,Turmeric, Ginger, Tomato, Chilly, Ladyfinger, Grapes, Coffee, Vegetables, Cucumber, Onion, Strawberry, Tobacco, Watermelon, Grass, Pineapple etc.


Mix 1 gm Nematosan in 1 litre of water and apply through drip or through drenching on the soil.


For Spray: 1-2 gm per litre of water.

For Drip : 1 Kg per hectare.

Packing Size: 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg

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