Magnifert is the Micronutrient Product chelated with EDTA containing Magnesium 6% used to overcome the deficiency of the Magnesium in the plants.

Importance of Magnesium in Plant Growth

  • Magnesium is an indispensable mineral for plant growth, it plays a major role in the production of chlorophyll and photosynthesis. Without a source of Magnesium, the plant cannot grow properly. Magnesium plays a role in many processes like-
  • Chlorophyll formation and photosynthesis.
  • Synthesis of amino acids and cell proteins.
  • Uptake and migration of phosphorus in plants.
  • Resistance to unfavourable factors (drought, disease)

Deficiency symptoms of Magnesium are

  • Veins remain green with the leaf paling and in advanced stages, turning yellow then brown and necrotic.
  • In some species, they become reddish purple before turning brown. Later, whole plants of small cereals turn yellow.
  • In Citrus trees, the base of the leaf sometimes remains green with chlorotic lamina.
  • In Potato, the affected leaves become brittle.
  • In Tea, chlorotic spots appear and grow larger up to the tip while the base of the leaf is green. This gives the leaves an inverted ‘V’ appearance.


  • MAGNIFERT effectively meets the Magnesium requirements of plants. The wetting and dispersing agents ensure maximum absorption without adverse reactions.
  • MAGNIFERT stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops. It increases the chlorophyll content for green healthy leaves.
  • MAGNIFERT prevents chlorosis and spiraling of leaves. It increases productive tillers in wheat and paddy and the oil content of several crops.
  • MAGNIFERT induces resistance to pests and diseases. It boosts growth rate, dry matter accumulation and increases yield.


Foliar application – Use 0.5 – 1 gm per litre of water depending upon severity of deficiency.

For Drip – Use 1 to 2 kg per Hectare.

Recommended Crops

Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Horticultural crops, Floricultural crops, Spices, Medicinal plants, Cotton, Sugarcane, etc.

Packing Size: 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg

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