Silicic Fert is natural Liquid Plant Supplement useful for better growth of the crops.

Active Ingredients: Ortho Silicic Acid 2% WSL

Importance of Silicic Fert in plants:

Silicic fert contains Ortho-Silicic Acid and is the most bioavailable Silicon for the plants. The use of natural plant supplement Silicic Fert recovers the deficiency of silicon in the crop. It acts as a bio-stimulant for the growth of the plant and helps the plant to overcome infections and stress factors like heat, drought, and salinity. Ortho-Silicic Acid is safe and can be used in combination with other essential minerals or important nutrients.

The benefits of using Silicic Fert: It enhances the nutrient uptake capacity of plant roots, leaves remain healthy thus increasing the photosynthesis activity, as well as new sprouts development is healthy and disease-free. The use of Silicic Fert helps the farmer to grow healthy, high yielding and good quality of crops. ​

Benefits: Silicon enhances growth and yield of all annual and vegetable crops, promotes upright growth (stronger and thicker stems, shorter internodes), reduces biotic and abiotic stress, provides resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases.


For Spray: 1 ml liquid Silicic Fert in 1 litre of water.

For Drip: 1 – 2 litre per hectare.

Packing Size:  100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre

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