Calcifert is the micronutrient product chelated with EDTA containing calcium 10% used to overcome the deficiency of the calcium.

Importance of Calcium in Plant Growth

Calcium is an essential element for growth. Calcium improves the strength of the cell walls. A stronger cell wall translates into better resistance to transport stress and reduced product damage. This naturally results in improved shelf life, thereby improving the commercial value of the crop. Stronger cell walls also result in improved resistance to cell damage and thereby increased resistance to disease.

Deficiency symptoms of Calcifert are:

1. Stunted plant growth, appearance of small leaves and thin stems.
2. Leaves display spot chlorosis.
3. Leaf tips turn brown and present a brunt appearance, known as “tip burn”.
4. Root development is seriously affected with young roots dying out, while older roots turn brown.
5.Calcium deficiency is most pronounced in fruit crops – like blossom end rot in tomatoes, capsicum and chilies, bitter pit in apples, soft nose in mangoes and internal browning in potato and melons.
Calcium deficiency is more pronounced in warm, dry climatic conditions.

Benefits of Calcifert

CALCIFRT provides vital calcium to plants and thereby effectively prevents & overcomes Calcium deficiency.

CALCIFRT improves the transportability of agricultural produce like fruits and flowers, thereby increasing its commercial value.

CALCIFRT helps to improve crop yields.

CALCIFRT is fully water-soluble and is suitable for drip irrigation and foliar spray.

CALCIFRT being chelated is inert and keeps the vital Calcium readily available to plants without permitting the normal chemical interactions that occur in the soil and within plant tissues.


Foliar application-Use 0.5gm- 1 gm per lit. of water depending upon severity of deficiency.

For Drip- Use 1-5 kg per acre.

Recommended Crops

vegetables, cereals, pulses, horticultural crops, Floricultural crops, spices, medicinal plants, cotton, sugarcane, etc.

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