CaBfert is amino chelated micro nutrient. It contains Calcium 6% and Boron 5%

Symptoms of calcium & Boron deficiency:-

  • The Branches and new growth are distorted, thick and brittle.
  • The upper foliage can exhibits a mottled chlorosis (i.e scattered yellowing of leaves)
  • In pomegranate fruit cracking observed.
  • In grapes water berry’s and mummification developed.
  • Fruits dropping take place.


  • CaB-fert is an amino acid based product .So it supply organic nitrogen to crop.
  • Amino acid helps to synthesis enzymes and hormones during metabolic reaction in crop
  • CaB-fert provides vital calcium and boron to plants and there by effectively prevents and Overcomes calcium and boron deficiency.
  • It reduce mummification and water berry infection in grapes.
  • It reduce fruit cracking in Pomegranate, Tomato, Orange, Water-melon, etc.
  • It help to fruit setting and fruit development.
  • It is used to overcome the dropping oh flower, fruits.
  • It helps fruit shining.
  • It involved in the modulation of legumes.

Recommended Crops:-

Tomato, Potato, Grapes, Pomegranate, Melon, Water-melon, Orange, all vegetables, Ginger,
Turmeric, Floricultural crops, etc.


At flowering & fruiting stage.


  • For Foliar Spray- 0.5gram to 1gram per litre of water.
  • For Drip-1 to 2 kg per hectare.

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