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This is a unique formulation based on natural humic acid derived from mineral lignite and extract of natural herbs for better and healthy rooting system in all crops and plants.

Active ingredients:

Humic acid and herbal extracts.

Appearance and storage: Brownish black coloured granules
Easily applicable, Sealed undamaged.
It has a shelf life of 3 years.
Store in cool & dry place away from sunlight
Mode of action
Humi granules increases humus in the soil.
Improves soil properties such as aeration, permeability and water holding capacity.
Improves nutrient uptake and micronutrient availability.
Facilitates natural chelation of resident soil minerals. Detoxification of pollutants.
  • Due to auxin like components in herbal extracts, rooting system is improved resulting in more branching and tillering.
  • Increases resistance to pest attack and stress conditions, leads plants to healthy growth and higher yields.
8 to 16 kg per acre, with regular fertilizers.
Crops First Dose Per Acre Second Dose Per Acre
Grapes Two bags at the time of April pruning

Two bags at the time of Octomber pruning

Citrus, Two to three bags at the time of sowing Two bags after 45 days
Pomegranate Two bags at the time of blossom Two bags after 90 days
mango 100 to 200 gm/ plant in May or June 100 to 200 gm/ plant in September or Octomber
Papaya One bag / 1000 plants, 30 days after sowing Two bags / 1000 plants, after 60 days. Third dose – two bags / 1000 plants at 40 days interval.
Strawberry Two bags at the time of sowing Two bags after 40 days
Medicinal plants and Spices 10 to 20 gm at the time of blossom If necessary.