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Ecocide plus is useful for control of Jassids specially on mango and aphids &mealybug on cashewnut. They suck cell sap of crops & help as vector for spreading fungal and viral diseases.Ecocide plus is natural insecticide useful to control damage of crops by these pests.
Active ingredients:

Vitex extract, Mustard extract,Chilly extract .

Appearance and storage: Brown coloured oil formulation
Easily spray able, sealed undamaged.
Product has shelf life of 3 years
Store in cool and dry place away from sunlight.
Mode of action
On foliar application , due to Vitex extract appetite of insects get slower. Eggs and nymph stages of insect remain undeveloped. Fertilization ability gets lower. Mustard oil shows antifeedent property which retains insect from feeding & destruct ability of fertilization. In this way Ecocide plus controls Jassids, mealy bug ,aphid etc at egg, nymph, & adult stages.
  • Being natural it doesn't affect beneficial insects.
  • Doesn't show any residue on crops.
  • Due to different natural extracts insects can't build up resistance against it easily.
Mix 1-2   ml Ecocide plus in 1 lit of water for spray.
Recommended CropsS And Application
Ecocide plus effectively controls jassids on mango and aphid , mealy bug on cashewnut.