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Unique Fruit shiner and sweetener

Colourbrix is used to improve Colour ,shining of fruits ,Sweetness (Brix value) and keeping quality of fruit, It also nourishes the fruit . It helps to balance the ripening process of fruit.

Active Ingredient:-
Sweetning agent 10%

Why  use Colourbrix?

Due to some environmental changes. (For e.g-hail storm, Heavy rain, temperature fluctuations etc. results craking of fruit, lowering the sweetness of fruit & decreases the natural colour of fruit.

Advantages of  Colourbrix :-

  • Colourbrix protect the fruits from cracking & maintain uniform shape of fruits.
  • It stimulates to increase the natural sweetness in fruits.
  • It stimulates to increase the natural sweetness in fruits.
  • It increase the natural colour & shining of fruit & due to this farmers can get good market price of Fruits.
  • It helps to balance the ripening of fruits.
  • No any phytotoxicity observed.
  • Colourbrix is Compatible with most of agricultural products (Insecticides, Fungicides etc.)

Recommended crops and it’s stages for application

Colourbrix can use for all type of fruits like
Grapes,Pomegranate,Watermelon,Muskmelon,Strawberry,Orange,Lemon,Sapota,Mango, Fig, Custard-apple, Guava etc.


  • 1.Grapes-1st spray-After October cutting grapes having life span of 120 days. So take a first spray
    Usually after 80-90 days after cutting.
    2nd spray- after 100-110 days after cutting.
    At this stage fruit colour ,shining Brix level are important factor & Colourbrix helps to improve sweetness (Brix level) ,colour and shining
    In crops.

  • Pomegranate-Total crop span of pomegranate is 180 to 190 days. In pomegranate crop reducing
    Colour & sweetness of fruit are the major the problems .Colourbrix helps to improve colour & sweetnes
    1st spray- 120daays after cutting
    2nd spray- 130 days after cutting.
    3rd spray- before 8 to 15 days of harvesting.

  • Watermelon or Muskmelon-
    Watermelon & Muskmelon are climbers & their Crop span is 80 to 90 days.
    Usage of Colourbrix increase the sweetness in fruits.
    1st spray- after 10-15 days of fruit setting.
    2nd spray- before 7 to 8 days of harvesting.
    In Straberry,tomato & other vegetables it use before 8 days of harvesting.

  • Dosage-Mix 1to 2ml Sweetner in 1 litre of water and spray.