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Self sufficiency in our country through "Green Revolution" has been achieved through high-yielding varieties and plant protection measures, with the help of Chemical pesticides. But they are toxic in nature. Their indiscriminate & rampant use on crops and plants has resulted in deterioration of taste and nutritional value of our food, fruits & vegetables. We have now realized that the use of higher quantities of chemicals is hazardous not only to soil, animals and human health, but also deleterious to environment. Chemical fertilizers & pesticides which were supposed to be boron for farmers have proved to be bane for society because of their toxicity. It is no wonder that there is a global interest in organic farming. Sustainable agriculture through the use of organic produce is drawing attention of farmers across the world because of the perils of pesticides.

This company was founded with the vision of improving the quality of agricultural produce. The company was established with a mission of training and educating farmers in the use of organic fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and growing of organic vegetables, organic cereals and organic pulses.
The company has been launched in the year 1993 under the able aegis of Mr.Girish Soman and Mr. Jalindar Shinde. With their deep knowledge, vast and rich experience with many years of research work with plants and trees, they have integrated traditional wisdom and skills with modern science and technology. With their expertise, experiences and enthusiasm, we are successfully manufacturing organic inputs. These products are being used in organic farming. These products are free from chemicals and have no toxicity.

The company is completely focused on organic products and providing a natural path-way to a wholesome lifestyle. The vision of the organic products is not "Boom and Bust" but slow and steady. The company follows transparent and "fair trade practices" with all stake-holders, the farmers and customers.

Company's range of products includes plant growth promoters such as Vrudhhi, Sizer, Growthstim etc. and insecticides such as Nomites, Neemicide, fungicides, bactericides and fertilizers. The products are well accepted by the consumers/farmers. They are often profoundly and permanently affected, resulting in repeat demand for the products.

This company has served many countries like Greece,Turkey, Korea and Egypt to spread the vision around the globe. We are now one of the leading companies to export the organic products worldwide.